Martin Anderson is the Director of International Programs/Geneva Representative at RefugePoint’s headquarters in Boston, where he manages the agency’s resettlement, child protection, and other programs in Africa.  Previously, while working for RefugePoint’s office in Nairobi, Kenya, he was posted to a UNHCR field office in Uganda to design and implement a large, new resettlement program for protracted Somali refugees.  Before joining RefugePoint, Marty worked as a Field Team Leader and Supervisor of Operations for the United States government’s Resettlement Support Center in Nairobi.  During that time, he was responsible for supervising field operations in more than 40 countries in Africa and personally worked in 5 countries.  Marty’s career in refugee resettlement began at Kentucky Refugee Ministries, where he helped to create an immigration services program and also taught citizenship classes to refugees preparing for the United States citizenship exam.