RefugePoint provides lasting solutions for the world’s most vulnerable refugees.

Our Mission

At RefugePoint, our mission is to find lasting solutions for the world’s most at-risk refugees. We identify and protect refugees who have no other options for survival. To accomplish this mission, we focus on two main pillars of work: resettlement and self-reliance.

Underpinning both our resettlement and self-reliance work is a focus on protecting children and improving global refugee policy and practice through field building.

Providing Lasting Solutions


Resettlement involves permanently relocating refugees to a safe country where they can rebuild their lives.

Resettlement is often the best option for refugees who cannot return home and are not able to reside safely in the country to which they have fled. We deploy Resettlement and Child Protection Experts across Africa to meet with refugees in remote and often dangerous locations. Our staff works to expand opportunities for resettlement to locations and populations that are chronically overlooked and underserved. Aiming to improve the whole field, we also work to catalyze partnerships between the UNHCR, NGOs and governments to strengthen resettlement systems and policies. Our targeted advocacy for at-risk refugee groups has led to the resettlement of many refugees who would otherwise be overlooked and stuck in perilous and dead-end situations. Since 2005, our team has helped over 38,000 refugees to access resettlement.


Self-reliance involves stabilizing refugees in the countries to which they have fled and helping them regain the social and economic ability to meet their essential needs and transition o of assistance.

Most refugees won’t have the opportunity to resettle or return to their homes. However, given the right supports, many refugees are able to rebuild their lives in the host country to which they have fled. We work to achieve long-term stabilization through our Urban Refugee Protection Program (URPP) in Nairobi, Kenya. The program provides a range of holistic supports, including:

• Housing assistance
• Food Assistance
• Small Business grants
• Access to healthcare
• Education assistance
• Counseling services

Our Urban Refugee Protection Program provides life-saving interventions to the most vulnerable urban refugees. Clients are identified to the URPP through referrals from other agencies, visits to refugee neighborhoods, meeting with refugee communities, and targeted focus groups. After identifying eligible clients, RefugePoint provides people safe shelter, emergency food aid, and counseling. Our medical clinic complements this outreach with free basic health care, medicine, and subsidized referrals to hospitals and specialists.

Beyond these urgent, stabilizing services, the URPP uses a case management approach to enhance coordination and match available services with the needs of each refugee household, and we help refugees develop a plan towards self-reliance. Through this work, we envision a future in which refugees can move from social and economic exclusion to inclusion, and from dependence to self-reliance.

Field Building

In addition to the important work of improving the lives of individual refugees, RefugePoint works strategically to influence and improve refugee resettlement and protection systems, in order to assist exponentially more refugees. This includes influencing global policies and practices; developing new approaches and tools and training others to use them; promoting accountability and equity in refugee solutions; securing new financial resources for refugee solutions and influencing how the system deploys its resources; and opening up space for more nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to join the refugee solutions effort, leading to greater capacity in the system.

To accomplish this, we partner closely with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), governments, NGOs, and community-based organizations to build capacity and improve systems related to refugee resettlement and self-reliance.