60 Minutes

60 Minutes
60 Minutes 201312 years after airing a special on the historic resettlement of the Lost Boys of Sudan to the U.S. CBS’ 60 Minutes follows up with a retrospective featuring an interview with Founder and Executive Director Sasha Chanoff.

 60 Minutes 2002: Before founding RefugePoint, now-Executive Director Sasha Chanoff was interviewed about the Lost Boys of Sudan in the original 60 Minutes piece about their resettlement to the U.S.

ABC News

ABC News

ABC World News 2010: ABC World News covers the resettlement of one Darfuri refugee family that RefugePoint (then Mapendo International) helped.

ABC World News 2013ABC World News revisits their 2010 resettlement story after RefugePoint helps facilitate a reunion between the Darfuri family and their missing fourteen year old daughter after nine years of separation. 

The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe
Boston Globe 2014: A Lost Girl Shares Her Story

Boston Globe 2013: Founder and Executive Director Sasha Chanoff writes editorial about how the Lost Girls of Sudan were left out of humanitarian programming, and the ongoing plight of refugee girls today.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post
Huffington Post 2016A Message To All Those Who Care About Refugees, by Sasha Chanoff

Huffington Post 2013Election day in Kenya, Communications Officer Cheryl Hamilton writes about one refugee boy and his mother’s hope for his future.

Huffington Post 2012Founder and Executive Director Sasha Chanoff blogs about one of RefugePoint’s earliest clients finding his parents alive after 17 years.

The New York Times

The New York Times Magazine

The New York Times 2016: Refugees Need a Nation’s Better Angels, by David Bornstein

New York Times Magazine 2011: New York Times Magazine follows a RefugePoint social worker on food distribution day, part of our life-saving urban refugee protection program.




WBUR Radio Boston 2017: Trump Takes Actions On Immigration, Refugees. Sasha Chanoff speaks and takes Q&A (9:50-12:20).

WBUR Kind World 2015: Kind World #18: Off The List.  Sasha Chanoff, of Somerville, was in his mid-20s when he faced an urgent decision unlike any he’d encountered before — and more than 100 lives depended on it.

WBUR/Radio Boston 2015: How Are Refugees Screened In Massachusetts?  Sasha Chanoff, co-founder and executive director of RefugePoint discusses the refugee screening process after the terror attacks in Paris.

WBUR/Cognoscenti 2015:  Refugee Resettlement: How It Works, And Why We Do It

NPR/WBUR Here and Now 2014: Founder and Executive Director Sasha Chanoff and former Lost Girl Yar Ayuel discuss violence in South Sudan and bringing refugee issues to Obama’s attention at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

NPR/WBUR Here and Now 2013: Founder and Executive Director Sasha Chanoff discusses UN findings that the average refugee is displaced for 17 years.

NPR/WBUR Here and Now 2013Founder and Executive Director Sasha Chanoff joins former Lost Girl Yar Ayuel as she reflects on her experiences as a refugee and the dangers refugee girls still face today.

NPR/WBUR Here and Now 2011: Founder and Executive Director Sasha Chanoff discusses the plight of refugees in Libya.

The Moth

The Moth
The Moth 2014A humanitarian rescue worker is forced to decide whether he will break the rules to save more lives.