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March 2017 

Women and Children Refugees: A discussion between Isabel Allende and Sasha Chanoff from RefugePoint on Vimeo.



February 2017

Tent Foundation: Rethink how we approach refugee issues

RefugePoint, a Tent Challenge grantee, provides life-saving assistance to highly vulnerable urban refugees in Nairobi, Kenya. In addition to providing life-saving services, The @TentFoundation’s grant to @RefugePoint helps to use RefugePoint’s urban programs as a laboratory to create better approaches and replicable models in the humanitarian field. Together, we aim to demonstrate that measuring the achievement of self-­reliance can become standard practice in our sector.



October 2016

Show of Force: An Impossible Choice 

We all need help in our times of greatest challenge. Today we are confronted with the question: what can I do to help refugees in their most desperate hours? RefugePoint started as a response to that question. You can watch our founding story in this Congo rescue video.

About the Video

This Show of Force film, An Impossible Choice, chronicles the moral dilemma faced by Sasha Chanoff and Sheikha Ali, two humanitarian aid workers in Africa who ran a rescue mission in the Congo in 2000. Their directive was to rescue 112 people from the Congo. They were given a list with 112 names and specific instructions to not evacuate anyone other than the names on the list. Any attempt to do so would put the entire mission, and all of their lives, at risk. But when Sasha and Sheikha came across a group of widows and orphans in desperate need of evacuation, they faced a moral dilemma. Should they attempt to save the additional people, and in doing so put everyone’s lives at risk? Watch, the full video here.