RefugePoint provides lasting solutions
for the world’s most vulnerable refugees.

We are focused on identifying and helping individuals, families and communities that are in extreme danger and have no where to turn. RefugePoint is action-oriented. We identify needs and implement solutions for thousands of people whose struggle to survive would otherwise go unnoticed and unattended.

Provide Lasting Solutions

RefugePoint finds and helps to permanently relocate refugees in life-threatening situations to countries where they can rebuild their lives in safety and with dignity. We work in camps and cities across Africa to improve access to resettlement for refugees with no other options for survival. We partner with UNHCR, NGOs, and governments to identify refugees in need of resettlement. We also train, provide technical guidance, and enable partner NGOs to begin or improve resettlement efforts as well. Additionally, our targeted advocacy for at-risk refugee groups has led to the resettlement of many refugees who would otherwise be overlooked and stuck in perilous and dead-end situations.

Advance Urban Protection

Our Urban Refugee Protection Program provides life-saving interventions to the most vulnerable urban refugees. Clients are identified through referrals from other agencies, visits to refugee neighborhoods, meeting with refugee communities, and targeted focus groups. After identifying eligible clients, RefugePoint provides people safe shelter, emergency food aid, and counseling. Our medical clinic complements this outreach with free basic health care, medicine, and subsidized referrals to hospitals and specialists. Beyond these urgent, stabilizing services, we use a case management model to connect refugees to other existing services, and we help refugees develop a plan towards self-reliance.


RefugePoint routinely collaborates with key international partners in an effort to improve refugee protection systems. Currently, RefugePoint is working with partners to establish and improve systems to protect the most vulnerable refugee children in Africa.