Advancing Lasting Solutions for Refugees

Using private funds, RefugePoint was founded in 2005 to identify refugees who fall through the cracks of humanitarian aid. Initially providing life-saving care to HIV+ refugees in Nairobi, Kenya, the agency grew quickly, adding a range of services to support those with the most urgent needs. Over time, RefugePoint developed a unique, full-service response model for assisting urban refugees and facilitating their self-reliance.

Simultaneously, the organization saw that tens of thousands of resettlement slots were going unused annually and built a unique resettlement program that now partners with the UN Refugee Agency in 35 countries across the globe.

RefugePoint has directly assisted over 115,000 refugees to access resettlement and other pathways to safety and has worked in partnership with others to guarantee access for thousands more. Learn more about our impact.

Instead of asking, “how can we feed and shelter more refugees longer?” RefugePoint asks, “what are the long-term solutions that will enable refugees to lead healthy, dignified lives and become contributing members of society again?” Those are the solutions that RefugePoint works to expand through our three tactics: direct services, field building, and systems change.



RefugePoint advances lasting solutions for at-risk refugees and supports the humanitarian community to do the same.



Client-focused, excellence, solidarity, continuous learning, and accountability.



RefugePoint envisions an inclusive world where refugees are supported to rebuild their lives, reach their full potential and contribute to their communities.

RefugePoint Values


Our primary motivation is to improve the lives of refugees. We respect all clients and identify and respond to needs with respect and a sense of urgency.


We strive for staff and program excellence. We maintain high standards and are determined to lead by example.


We collaborate and convene, demonstrating that sharing resources and knowledge yields collective benefit and increases impact.


We expose our work for internal and external accountability. We aim to conduct our work with integrity, transparency, good stewardship, and for greatest impact. We also promote accountability within the refugee response system at large.

Continuous Learning

We operate with humility and a “learners mind.” We embrace curiosity, reflection, risk-taking and make space for the emergence of innovative ideas. Continuous learning is vital to “failing fast” and accelerating sustained impact.