Our Impact



Since 2005, we have directly helped 92,135 refugees in their search for solutions.



We have worked with refugees in 230 locations across 47 countries worldwide.


We aim to increase the number of refugees supported to achieve self-reliance in their host countries, and to increase the use of self-reliance approaches by humanitarian agencies



More than 12,000 refugees served annually by our Urban Refugee Protection Program in Nairobi, Kenya.

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We work to help refugees achieve long-term stabilization through our Urban Refugee Protection Program (URPP) in Nairobi, Kenya. The program provides a range of holistic supports, including food and housing assistance, small business grants, access to health care, education, and counseling services.



Over 2,300 refugee clients have graduated from RefugePoint assistance since 2015.

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Most refugees do not want to depend upon aid and are eager to support themselves. Our Urban Refugee Protection Program in Nairobi first stabilizes refugees and then helps them to establish small businesses in order to generate income.

Other Lifetime Accomplishments:

  • Created effective, holistic model for stabilizing urban refugees and supporting them to achieve self-reliance

  • Worked with an NGO to adopt our approach in another country (Zambia)

  • Created and provide leadership for the Self-Reliance Initiative and Community of Practice

  • Created unique tool to measure self-reliance among refugee households


We aim to increase the number of refugees with access to resettlement, and to increase equitable access by strengthening capacity in all refugee-hosting countries



Since 2005, we have directly assisted over 92,135 refugees to access pathways to relocate to safety.

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We partner with the UN to reach the most at-risk refugees, focusing on locations that are historically underserved.



300% increase in total resettlement from Africa.

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RefugePoint expanded access to resettlement to many more locations across Africa and boosted the capacity of the referral system, resulting in a 3-fold increase in total referrals from Africa between 2005-2016 (13,897 to 43,078).

Other Lifetime Accomplishments:

  • Worked in 41 countries, including many where refugees previously had no access to resettlement

  • Trained over 2,000 partner agency staff on resettlement

  • Contributed to successfully filling annual US resettlement quotas – first time ever in 2014; again in 2015 and 2016

  • Created a model of partnering with UNHCR that was adopted by several other NGOs

  • Helped triple the number of host countries in Africa from which at least 1% of refugees are resettled annually (from 5 to 15)