2023-2027 Strategy

Transforming Refugee Response: RefugePoint’s 2023-2027 Strategy

In our 2023-2027 Case for Support, we share our five-year strategy and our aspirations to transform refugee response, which needs to be revolutionized in the face of the world’s largest refugee crisis in history. Central to our strategy is the collective reimagining of what refugee response looks like in partnership with refugees themselves, so that their voices, wants, and needs guide our strategy.

We have arrived at an historic inflection point. Over 110 million people are forcibly displaced – more than 1 in every 74 people in the world – according to the most recent UN report. The numbers are rising dramatically. Innovative, inclusive long-term responses are needed now more than ever to address the significant nature of displacement today. This is the focus of RefugePoint’s strategy. Over the next five years we will build responsive and impactful programs that advance lasting solutions for refugees.

Real transformation is realized only when the collective action of many actors is harnessed toward a common vision and goal. An investment in our five-year strategy will be instrumental in moving us toward our mission and vision. Thank you for reading.

Sasha Sasha Chanoff (CEO and Founder)

Please contact Sarah Hidey, Chief Development Officer, if you would like to learn more or partner with us to reach our 5-year campaign goal.

You can find our 2021-2023 Case for Support here.