Three-Year Strategy

With this Case for Support, we are thrilled to share our three-year strategy to expand pathways to safety for the most at-risk refugees and play a leading role in advancing self-reliance within the global humanitarian system. Central to our plan is the collective reimagining of what refugee response looks like in partnership with refugees themselves, so that their voices, wants, and needs are at the forefront of our strategy. The Case for Support outlines why there is an urgency to act NOW, our vision for the future, and lays out our strategy to ensure that every refugee can access pathways to safety and self-reliance.

Today, we are at a unique intersection of crisis and opportunity. Rising global refugee numbers are capturing the world’s attention and xenophobic tensions are rising. At the same time, there are distinct ways to help more refugees access solutions as many governments make new commitments. We are at a pivotal moment. With our mission at heart—to advance lasting solutions for at-risk refugees and support the humanitarian community to do the same—we are shining a light into the future to pioneer new and collaborative ways to help refugees lead better lives.

An investment in our three-year strategy will be instrumental in moving us toward our mission and vision. Thank you for reading.