Refugees Are an Asset, Not a Burden: Sasha Chanoff on System Catalysts

This month, Sasha Chanoff, CEO and Founder of RefugePoint, appeared as a guest on an episode of System Catalysts podcast.

In a dynamic conversation with Jeffrey Walker, philanthropist and co-host, Chanoff shared RefugePoint’s mission of providing refugees access to life-saving solutions and its unique systems change approach to combating the refugee crisis.

Chanoff’s dedication to empowering displaced communities resonated deeply throughout the conversation. Highlights of the episode include Chanoff’s origin story, the work RefugePoint and its collaborators have done in the past two decades, how to create sustainable systems change, and the belief that refugees are an asset–not a burden.

“If we can find ways to tap into people’s intrinsic strengths and enable them to support themselves and the countries to which they fled, that is part of the solution,” he said.

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