Rose Mapendo Founds New Organization

Congratulations to Rose Mapendo and her brother Kigabo Mbazamutima on the formation of their new organization! Rose and Kigabo are bringing their many talents and messages of hope and forgiveness to assist survivors of violence in Africa. Their organization, which is independent of RefugePoint, will focus on improving the quality and access to healthcare for conflict-displaced people in Rwanda. Plans are also underway to develop programs that empower women and girls, protect children and the elderly, and provide positive opportunities for youth.

Rose’s efforts to bring peace and reconciliation to her homeland, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and to minister to its exiles are a testament to the power and compassion of the human spirit. They are also a testament to the work of RefugePoint and the opportunities that refugee resettlement creates for displaced people to reestablish their lives and give back to both their home countries and new communities.

As Rose moves into this exciting new endeavor, she is stepping down from her role as an ambassador of RefugePoint. We thank her for her many years of support of our mission to rescue and protect vulnerable refugees in Africa. She will remain an inspiration to RefugePoint’s staff, clients, and many more who have been privileged to work with her and hear about her journey.